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“Protected” bike lane.

Houston bike lane

I was recently in Houston, which  has the worst “protected” bike lane protective devices that I have ever seen. In fact, I think they make the bike lane **more** dangerous than if it were “protected” by paint alone. They won’t do jack to prevent a car from swerving into the lane and I imagine the possibility of a cyclist hitting one and going down is rather high. It would be better to have nothing there at all.

I didn’t do any riding in Houston—too hot and sunny.


Sunny Sunday

My plan for today was to have a nice brunch with my boyfriend, followed by biking to an appointment in the early afternoon. Part of my clever plan was choosing a restaurant at the top of the hill to which we drove with my bike on the back, thus avoiding riding up the steep, long slope and getting sweaty. I ended up with an hour to kill after lunch so I wandered around for a bit, stopping by two local parks to take in the beautiful view of the city and the Sound.

This was actually the first time in a month that I’ve ridden more than my 5 mi round-trip work commute. I’ve been down lately and avoiding my bike even though I keep promising myself that I’ll take a longer route on the way to work in the morning or a longer ride on the weekend. Today, I had no such plans and it was just me and my bike, poking around and feeling free. Just what I needed.


My boyfriend sent me this one. It’s really creative and I would love to someone actually riding it.


Leave it to the professionals

2014-06-08 15.55.59

Whenever I see this sign at the entrance to the Fremont Sunday Market, I picture spandex-clad cyclists taking people’s bikes and walking them off through the crowd. It’s best to leave these things to professionals.


This startled me one morning when I rolled into the bike storage room at work. I don’t know who did this or if they did it on purpose, but it’s awesome.