When will I ever learn?

Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and just don’t want to ride my bike to work. So I drive, because I want to be lazy. I almost always regret it.

Take this morning. Seattle’s usually gray and moist this time of year, but thanks to the atmospheric river flowing through our area it was pouring this morning. Riding to work through the rain, getting wet and having my face pelted with water? No thanks. I got a ride in with my boyfriend. That was nice. Leaving work was not so nice, because it was still pouring and there was a lot of traffic. It took me an hour to get home on the bus, during which I cursed myself for my short-sightedness. Sure, I would have gotten drenched riding home, but would have been 15 minutes of drenching instead of 45 minutes of it.

Here’s a breakdown of my commuting options. The winner is clear.

Drive to work before 8:30 am: 15 minutes from door to a vacant spot in the parking garage under my building.

Drive to work after 9:00 am: 10 minutes to work, then 10+ hunting for parking spaces

Drive to work after 10:00 am: 45 minutes of hunting for parking and engaging in self-hatred

Drive home: 5-20 minutes to get out of the immediate neighborhood, then 10-15 minutes to home.

Bus to work: 30 minutes, possibly crushed up against four other people on a bus route with one of the highest riderships in the region.

Bus home before 6:30 pm: 45-60 minutes. Half of this might be spent standing at a stop watching my bus slowly inch toward us in traffic before it reaches my stop, if I’m lucky. If not, I might get passed a few times by buses that are already full.

Bus home after 6:30 pm: 20-30 minutes

Bike, either direction: 15-20 minutes depending on traffic lights