But cyclists run red lights

I’m really tired of the “cyclists run red lights and are reckless” argument, which comes up every time bikes are mentioned in the media. The only reason people don’t say that about cars  is because we as a society have accepted this behavior and treat car accidents as a natural phenomenon that just happens. If a car runs a red light, we call them a name and forget about it. When a cyclist does it, they’re a public menace and a grudge is formed.

Guess what: cars run red lights. Cyslists run red lights. Pedestrians cross against the light. Boats run into bridges. All of these actions are likely to get someone killed, and none of it is a valid argument for objecting to a traffic change attempting to reduce collisions between cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.

I was almost killed while walking in the crosswalk at this intersection last week when a woman blatantly ran a red light through cross traffic. If I hadn’t happened to notice the speeding car out of the corner of my eye and jumped back, I would have been hit and likely seriously maimed or dead. Same thing for the guy crossing next to me, as he didn’t even see her and only stopped because of my reaction. I’m going to bring that up every. single. time. that someone whips out the “cyclists run red rights and ignore the rules of the road” argument. Every single time.