On being a quitter

After much discussion, we decided to drop out of the RSVP in late June. I waited until last week to cancel to make sure that I didn’t regret the decision. If I do, there’s always next year.

Neither one of us was enjoying ourselves on the training rides, but we didn’t talk about it until after our last ride. That one was really rough on my boyfriend and he decided to drop out about 60% of the way through (after I dropped him by several miles, oops). We ended up riding to the nearest P&R with a slower pace group then busing back to my car. I wanted to just take it slow and easy on the Burke Gilman, but he was done. I was finding the rides challenging but achievable, but as the rides got longer they began to feel more of a slog and I wasn’t enjoying myself. It was clear at that point that the training rides were boring us both and that neither one of us was excited enough about RSVP to focus on that as a goal. I’ll admit that I felt the same way about the training rides last year, but I was definitely excited about the STP and that kept me going.

It’s been really nice having my weekends back.

The boredom factor was pretty huge. One or two weeks before that disastrous training ride we’d taken a weekend off to do our own thing, just riding out to Redmond and back on the Burke-Gilman and SRT. That was when my boyfriend brought up that he really wanted to stop and do things instead of just pedal along. I’ve felt that, too; the feeling that I was just doing something by rote instead of enjoying myself. I think we would both enjoy 30-40 mi rides with stops for food and activities, so I’ll try planning a few.